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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombies: Era of the Living Dead

Since "Night of the Living Dead" I have watched the increased interest about zombies go from fringe to mainstream.
Today's youth love zombies. I've seen dozens of zombie movies and zombies in their most gruesome makeup and young people love them. The uglier the better.

I think it's a way of rebellion. By picking the worst thing possible to adore they demonstrate that typical youthful time like the teen Elvis fans of the fifties. Elvis horrified white American parents with his hipshaking "negro ways" and the more they forbade their kids Elvis, the more the kids rebelled.

Previous teens have grown longer hair, shaved heads, tattooed and attached metal objects to the bodies, swear and blast gangsta rap at impossible decibel levels, all in an effort to 'shock' the elders by demonstrating their music is better and their likes, dislikes and role models are of their choosing.

This rebellion is about liking the worst looking things to stick it to their parents, vampires, zombies and dead decaying bodies that they can pin up in their rooms and have as alter models.

Most kids believe its preparation for the inevitable nuclear holocaust that's on it's way.
Zombies are created when the dead are exposed to heavy doses of radiation. The living become mutants.
The kids today see this as future scenario that they play out in games... Oblivion for Zombies and Fallout 3's mutants comes to mind...
...of course as a fan of these games myself, I say bring it on!
The more zombies the better! In fact I like zombies so much I consider myself a "zombiac".

What? you say?

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