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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombies: Era of the Living Dead

Since "Night of the Living Dead" I have watched the increased interest about zombies go from fringe to mainstream.
Today's youth love zombies. I've seen dozens of zombie movies and zombies in their most gruesome makeup and young people love them. The uglier the better.

I think it's a way of rebellion. By picking the worst thing possible to adore they demonstrate that typical youthful time like the teen Elvis fans of the fifties. Elvis horrified white American parents with his hipshaking "negro ways" and the more they forbade their kids Elvis, the more the kids rebelled.

Previous teens have grown longer hair, shaved heads, tattooed and attached metal objects to the bodies, swear and blast gangsta rap at impossible decibel levels, all in an effort to 'shock' the elders by demonstrating their music is better and their likes, dislikes and role models are of their choosing.

This rebellion is about liking the worst looking things to stick it to their parents, vampires, zombies and dead decaying bodies that they can pin up in their rooms and have as alter models.

Most kids believe its preparation for the inevitable nuclear holocaust that's on it's way.
Zombies are created when the dead are exposed to heavy doses of radiation. The living become mutants.
The kids today see this as future scenario that they play out in games... Oblivion for Zombies and Fallout 3's mutants comes to mind...
...of course as a fan of these games myself, I say bring it on!
The more zombies the better! In fact I like zombies so much I consider myself a "zombiac".

What? you say?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 little shit!

I just found this on YouTube...
It's about a little boy refered to (by his father) as " little shit!..." The boy's father is USA Congressman Eisley.

PS: The kid IS "a little shit" . He represents his parents methods of upbringing.
Children are not inherently evil, they are raised that way by their parents.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ordaining women as priests worst than pedophilia.

This just in:

Vatican toughens sex abuse rules

Toronto Star - ‎1 hour ago‎
VATICAN CITY—The Vatican issued revisions to its internal laws Thursday making it easier to discipline sex-abuser priests but also stated that ordaining women as priests was as grave a sin as pedophilia.

Holy Shit! VatMan! This cult is out of order! Time to ban this destructive gang of pedophiliac womanhaters for good.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

...the CIA warned the war was turning out tougher than expected.

Oh Really? The Afghan war is harder than the USA thought? and they didn't know this even before they went in.
The British and the Russians couldn't break these people and neither will the USA.

and this:...

"We are making progress. But it's harder and slower than anyone anticipated," he said. ( head of the CIA, Leon Panetta)

Everyone I know has said from day one that this War on Afghanistan was doomed to failure - It's no surprise to me. Americans and their puppets will be coming home in bodybags for a few more years yet.

Every way they turn they will be bombed and when they do get around to building the multi-trillion dollar pipeline across Afghanistan, or start mining it's mineral wealth, it'll get blown up along with with everything else the USA does there.
This will be going on for a long time yet until the bankrupt US electorate eventually puts an end to the war.

But whats so annoying about reading these headlines is the surprised attitude they show. Do these people ever read a paper or watch world news? (Thats world news not USA mush.)
Sometimes I think that George Bush really did think there were atomic bombs in Iraq... we all knew there weren't. And the only chemical weapons were the US sponsered ones from the Iraq/Iran war when the USA was best of buds with Saddam.

The only thing the USA can do better than anyone else, is kill by remote control. Pilotless drones that kill without hesitation using weapons of targeted destruction.

What the USA cannot do is let anyone run any country that they don't have a big say in. This is their downfall and is why we are watching this painfull agonizing fall from grace that the USA is going through. Can they pull out of it?
I think not.
Why? Because they are just too damn arrogant.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afghanistan's Wealth to be Owned by USA

So now the truth comes out about the real reason to own Afghanistan and why it was so easy to get the UK to not only kiss the USA's ass but to lick it out over and over again!!!

Times Online reported that:

"The good news from the men at the Pentagon is that beneath the landmines Afghanistan is sitting on a goldmine.

Exactly when they took their degrees in geology is unclear but officials have estimated that Afghanistan’s mineral resources could be worth $1 trillion. "

Yar! Yar! We can fill in the rest!

What a bunch of shitty people! Just as always:

Fuck up the country so there's no one left to run it except the illuminatti owned puppets that the USA puts in and keeps in place at the cost of the lives of thousands and thousands of ordinary people with a pretense that it's for their own good!

Then just rape it dry!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The “Dirty Dozen”

Quote fro an Article I read today:

If you’re trying to be healthy by eating a salad for dinner tonight, it may not be as good for your body as you think, a new report warns.

A list of the “dirtiest” and most chemically contaminated fruits and vegetables have been released by the U.S. Environmental Working Group, a non-profit group focused on public health.

The “Dirty Dozen” list includes: celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach (includes kale and collard greens), cherries, potatoes, grapes and lettuce.
Just what I thought. To heck with fresh fruit and veggies, so now I live on chocolate bars and twinkies.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I just read:

Someone else's crying kid can be annoying, but one man in Florida took the matter into his own hands and now police are looking to get their hands on him.

The unidentified man allegedly grabbed, then slapped a 3-year-old girl for crying loudly while they were in a grocery store elevator.

The grumpy old man then bolted out of the elevator.

It weren't me... honest it weren't.

...But he's got all my sympathy. Rotten kids need a good hiding now and then, right?

Wrong! it's the mother that need a good slap! Misbehaving children are the result of mothers who have no idea how to raise their own kids.

Her choices?

  1. Don't take her in an elevator if she is upset.
  2. Comfort her if she's afraid of being in an elevator.
If the child is a naturally a screamy brat then that's because of her home life.

Tropical Storm Agatha

Tropical Storm Agatha, which dumped heavy rain on the isthmus just ahead of Tuesday's first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, left as many as 22,000 dwellings destroyed in Guatemala and 155,000 people forced from their homes, about half of whom remained in shelters, officials said.

Seventeen people were killed in Honduras and 10 people died in El Salvador as a result of the storm, according to official figures.

With millions of dollars in damages and the impoverished population particularly hard hit, the United States pledged 112,500 dollars and sent a plane carrying relief supplies Tuesday; the European Union pledged 3.6 million dollars in humanitarian aid.
112,500 dollars
WoW! so Much!.. this'll break the USA taxpayers.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Obama really this naive?

I just read this at the Washington Post...

.....In that speech, Obama appeared to appeal to Palestinians to undertake acts of civil disobedience rather than violence, saying that it was "not violence that won full and equal rights" for African Americans but "a peaceful and determined insistence."...
Where was Obama during the terrible violence and riots of the sixties?
"Major race riots have occurred in the United States at least since the Harlem Riots of 1948, but the 60's surpassed anything previously experienced. The five day Watts riot in August, 1965 saw 34 people die and a thousand injured; and the 1966 Detroit riot, 43 deaths. Following Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968, rioting broke out in over 120 cities including Chicago and Washington.'
Face it! it is ONLY violence that gets things changed. Is Obama really this naive ? Really so dumb as to not know that ?

My guess is that Obama will be dropped as soon as possible and the next president will either be Hilary Clinton or Sarah Palin - It will be Hilary as she's doing all the running around for Obama and getting lots of press - sort of like Kissinger did.
But Sarah's boobs could easily blind me to vote for anyone!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here's some news I just read today:

"Palestinian children arrested by Israel are not permitted to see their lawyers until they are in court. There are currently 340 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, mostly convicted of throwing stones. An Israeli military order stipulates that stone throwing carries a maximum jail sentence of 20 years, and there is no appeals process for decisions by Israeli military courts. "

I read this while reading that the Isrealies won't let medical supplies and other necessities of life into the Gaza strip. It's a 'starve them out' siege like the one's of medieval times.

I thank fate that I was not born in Palestine and therefore, like the rest of the world, don't really give a fuck about them. Let 'em all kill each other and nuke the middle east for my Live on CNN entertainment.

The end of this story will be when the world economy can no longer afford to give billions of dollars a year in military aid to the jews and their enemies begin to attack in force. The jews will then be forced into using their nukes with the attitude that if this is the end for us then it's the end for everyone (Masada).

Besides, the christians want their rapture ASAP and the muslims think their heaven is a better place to be, so the outcome is pretty obvious as no-one really gives a shit about life here on Earth except a few atheists who know that the end of one's life is the end of consciousness.

There are 4 billion more people around since I was born and 150,000 people die every day, so what does it matter? Even all out world war wont kill everyone. It'll be a wicked mess but so what? Armies and rulers have been trying to kill off each other since day one... but the best of us will survive to do it all over again.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton is sounding like she is determined to 'stir' it up with the North Korea thing.
She's saying that 'we' must not let them get away with this action. 'We', meaning the USA and all those banks and arms manufacturers that will gain financially from another war, where governments must spend trillions of dollars buying war supplies from the US and European arms makers. And, trillions more 'rebuilding' the country in the western, capitalistic tradition that creates massive debt that goes to the European and USA banks.

I guess the USA is super scared after Kim Jong-il, went off and had secret talks with China. Imagine how scared the USA would be if North Korea joined with China?
Does Hilary know that it wasn't the NK but the CIA that blew up the South Korean ship? Is this another conspiracy?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Conspiracy.

"...all-out war" says North Korea

News Clip 20May2010

[Evidence presented Thursday to prove North Korea fired a torpedo that sank a South Korean ship was fabricated by Seoul, North Korean naval spokesman Col. Pak In Ho told broadcaster APTN in an exclusive interview in Pyongyang.

He warned that any move to sanction or strike North Korea would be met with force.

“If (South Korea) tries to deal any retaliation or punishment, or if they try sanctions or a strike on us .... we will answer to this with all-out war,” he told APTN. ]

New Conspiracy Theory: The CIA did it (like 9/11).

Purpose: To get North Korea and South Korea fighting again so the USA can step in and put down the North permanently.

Other Reasons: To take world attention away from the mess they are in in the Middle East and the plummeting US economy

Long Term Goals: To gain a better foothold closer to China

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Kids?

It's bad parents not bad children who are at fault

Children are not born bad they are taught to be bad.
Parents are 100% responsible for how their kids behave as children AND as adults.
Parents start passing their attitudes and behavior patterns to their children immediately AFTER the child is born.

I accept full responsibility for how my children behave. It's silly to try blaming the media, the school, outside influences or
anything else. You can't teach good behavior while screaming and yelling at your kid. You're just teaching them bad behavior.

What the media; news, movies and computer games have done is make bad = good and violence = fun.
But that influence pales beside what the leaders of the world teach the parents.

For instance it's good to torture people or even kill them for not obeying you... President Bush was very popular (at the time) for
saying things like "we want them, Dead or Alive!". and then went on to show us how much he approved of killing and torturing people.
His behavior is a direct result of being brought up by a greedy, warmongering oil baron.

Even so it's not the kids fault they grow the way they do it's their parents fault for not being smart enough or mature enough to
quit following the establishments bs.

A parent has to really live and act a life of Peace and Love if they want well behaved children.
Children are very easy to control and you can bring them to your way of thinking if you spend your time with them as an equal. You
don't talk down to them ever - it's not necessary. you don't change your voice pattern to a special tone. You keep friendly and polite

just like you want them to be, and guess what? That's how they are when they are older.

Smacking or spanking a child is not necessary to have them behave, in fact it does the exact opposite - They will have worst behavior
as they get older and most likely you are training the child to be a bully.

Although' slapping and caning kids was a normal teacher -student thing at my school. They did it in a very clever way so you actually
believed you deserved it. It was perfectly normal to have your head turned one side whispering to a friend, when suddenly 'bam' a hard
smack on the back of your head from the teacher. My English teacher had a three strikes and you're out thing about spelling. If you
misspelled more than 3 words in one essay you had to hold your hand out - in front of the class - so she could hit your palm as hard as
she could swing her cane. Girls were allowed to cry quietly after a caning but if a boy cried he would receive extra punishment for '
behaving like a girl'.

Not only teachers but neighbors and shopkeepers even policemen - all were allowed to take a swat at you.

Once I was dragged home by the ear, literally, by a policeman, who told my father to " beat the living daylights" out of me, which he did.
Amazing how that was all perfectly normal at the time. I hold no ill feelings towards my dad - now long dead - he was a product of
much harsher times.

My advice to any kid today would be ... Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.... or something like that.
If you want enemies - be an enemy, if you want friends - be a friend.

By the way, it's perfectly normal- natural even, to rebel against your parents between the ages of 12 to 18. You are preparing for the real world of taking care of yourself.
before 12 you shouldn't have any reason to rebel and after 18 you should be mature enough not to.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I just read that:
Americans own approximately

73 million dogs,
90 million cats,
139 million freshwater fish,
9 million saltwater fish,
16 million birds,
18 million small animals ,
11 million reptiles.

...and a partridge inna pear tree!!!

How old do you feel?

I was asked "How old do I feel?"

The question asked "How old do you feel?" is sort of ridiculous as I have never been 68 before so cannot compare it.
I feel 68 - duh! last year I felt 67, and I expect to feel 69 next year.
Americans have an obsession with age.
The younger trying to look older and the older trying to look younger... how completely pointless!

people can be grumpy and miserable at any age.
people can be sweet and nice at any age.
people can be healthy and able at any age.
people can be frail and weak at any age.

So what does the question " How old do you feel?" answer?
Nothing! except to demonstrate that everyone seems to want to be someone other than themselves.