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Thursday, September 3, 2015

...And Now It's September 3rd 2015

My goodness how time flies! It was just the other day when it was five years ago and what alot the world has had to deal with.
I'm now in my seventy fifth year on this planet and feel extremely fortunate that I'm still here. According to google at least 2 billion people have died since I was born... and close to 5 billion added.
Not sure if I will continue writing my "blog" but after reading for the first time in 5 years and finding the log on still works - I may continue - even though I'm sure I'm the only interested party.
..And talking about parties the republican party is all the news now because of Donald Trump running for president as a non-political politician. He says he will run the USA like a business and take no shit from foreigners. He will encase the USA behind a cement wall (like Berlin had and Israel does) and build up the military to enormous levels.... sounds like a plan.
Not sure how the Mexicans feel about this as he wants to kick out a sizable percentage of the people in the USA that are Mexican even the US born children of Mexicans that are supposed to have the exempt status as per the USA constitution grants.

This needs to be studied and dealt with fairness and understanding.
My rule to 'toss' out the "illegals" would be this:
If they are or have ever been jailed for violence - out they go without a thought.
Everyone else is welcomed, forgiven and immediately put to work cleaning up their neighborhoods. 
Patrolling their own neighborhoods and counseling and teaching their own families old fashioned American values.
Goals set and deadlines met or out they go. Must learn the language of the USA.  On 'probation' for 7 years in which time the only way they can be 'thrown' out is if they commit an act of violence.
 ..... to be continued.