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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afghanistan's Wealth to be Owned by USA

So now the truth comes out about the real reason to own Afghanistan and why it was so easy to get the UK to not only kiss the USA's ass but to lick it out over and over again!!!

Times Online reported that:

"The good news from the men at the Pentagon is that beneath the landmines Afghanistan is sitting on a goldmine.

Exactly when they took their degrees in geology is unclear but officials have estimated that Afghanistan’s mineral resources could be worth $1 trillion. "

Yar! Yar! We can fill in the rest!

What a bunch of shitty people! Just as always:

Fuck up the country so there's no one left to run it except the illuminatti owned puppets that the USA puts in and keeps in place at the cost of the lives of thousands and thousands of ordinary people with a pretense that it's for their own good!

Then just rape it dry!

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